Getting Chills

The alarm went off and I rolled over, “are we really doing this?” “Yupp,” replied my boyfriend in a sleepy voice. We got ourselves out of bed and threw on some slippers. We headed outside and walked up to the top of our balcony. Nope, not yet. The wind was whipping and I was chilly.  I jumped to the next roof top, now hurrying. Not here. “HEY!” My boyfriend yelled from two more roofs over and up a little bit. “This will work.” I took one large step between the gap that dropped 10 feet to the ground below and met him where he was. There was one more rooftop we could possibly get on. I pulled myself up to the top and thought “yes, this works!” We found it, the spot to see the sunrise!

Then we waited.

Five minutes later we found ourselves one of the most beautiful, clear sunrises of the whole vacation. It may have been the only sunrise we actually went out of our way to wake up to see. It was absolutely gorgeous with the blue domed church beside it and Greek flags all around. The colors that appeared were gold, and pinks mixed with the purple and blue from the night sky fading away. It gave me chills literally as the wind swept around me and as the sun broke the horizon the church bells went off. In that moment I was thankful to be where I was, in Santorini with my boyfriend enjoying this incredible view.

My boyfriend made the descent and I gave myself one more moment of refection. I took in the moment and then hurried after him. We zigged-zagged back down the rooftops of the “Cyclades in the Aegean Sea” homes back to where our adorable white cave was. We crawled into bed for a few more hours till the sun has fully risen and it was time for breakfast.






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