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My name is Kara Nicole and I am the creator of Live Well and Run


A little about me…

I was born and raised in New Hampshire surrounded by nature and its beauty. As I have gotten older, I started to really investigate and value adventure, health and wellness.

In college, I studied abroad and that developed a full-on travel bug. I’ve traveled to 19 countries and still counting. Through my experiences I have gained new perspective on customs and cultures, made new and lasting friendships, and learned the importance of adaptability and flexibility.

After college, I started training for a half marathon and then moved into marathon training a couple of years later. Now I can stand saying with a huge smile on my face, I accomplished three marathons my first in Budapest, Hungary 2017, my second the Original Marathon in Athens, Greece 2018 and now third the Washington DC Marine Corp Marathon 2022 at a time of 4:08.

Running has been the largest catalyst to a healthier lifestyle. I now value what I am putting in my body because it fuels me. I have always been a huge foodie and I get excited when a plate gets put in front me. But now I look for the good stuff that is fulfilling and leads to a happier life.

However, don’t get me wrong. There is nothing more that I enjoy in life than kicking back and enjoying a few cocktails and a charcuterie board with my friends and family!!

Cheers, to living a little and getting to know me!

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