Finding Trails

It is as simple as typing into google “running trails near me” and then BAM you’re hit with trails you never knew existed.

Growing up and running track was a great introduction to the trails in my local community. I became well acquainted with all the trails near my high school but as I got older I didn’t want to drive into town. I wanted trails that were near me. That is when became my right hand man. I was able to see routes that other people around me were taking. It gave me great ideas and once I was on the road, I could modify the distance and route I was on. Another thing I love about mapmyrun is it is a great mile tracker. I don’t always like running with the application on but its great to know the distance you’re at and your mile time for the duration of your run.

Another great resource would be your local community website. In my local community currently, we have a paved rail trail that extends over 8 miles through Derry, Windham and Salem in New Hampshire. It was erected from an abandoned 115-mile Granite State Rail Trail from Lawrence to Lebanon. It is exciting to see nonprofit organizations spearheading programs that befits the health and wellness of its community.

Get out there and see what is around you!! You’ll be surprised to see the beauty that lies only a few miles away.


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