Into the Fog


I know it’s not only me, but when it is raining or overcast I envision pulling the sheets right over my head and never getting out of bed. Holding a cup of lemon ginger tea and snuggled behind my favorite book. Or most often, never stepping foot outside.

Well on those days where the fantasies lie in my head, I find that they are the best days to go for a run or nature walk. Surprising, right?

When it’s erie and drizzly, it brings a whole new element to nature. I find that I’m fascinated by the feel of the atmosphere. It is like you’re in your own Stephen King novel or in the movie The Notebook running in the downpour heading towards someone to sweep you off your feet and kiss you. The run or hike unmistakably over before you know it because you were so lost in your own thoughts.

It takes you away from your everyday sunshine and lets you appreciate the days that you do have good weather. So when you’re done and drenched, or out of the fog you can proudly say you got outside today and saw the beauty in a dreary day.

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