Running on Cruise Control

Do you ever feel like you can run for miles and nothing can stop you?

When you find your homeostasis in a run your breathing and moving forward happens effortlessly.  Your mind is eased, sitting back and enjoying the ride. You put your body in cruise control or auto pilot and just go the distance.

On my long runs that happens quite frequently. It did not always happen that way. It has taken a lot of training to find the right mindset to get into almost a trance.

Two things I found that are really important to the success of my long runs are music and speed. When I start my long runs I need something that will carry me through when I mentally become unfocused. I listen to upbeat music such as Chainsmokers or Tygo radio on Pandora. It is perfect background music for when I need motivation or energy. I grab the beat in the music and put it into my step. The second is speed. When I start out my run I instantly think what pace can I do to maintain a ten mile run. I may not be running ten miles but its the mindset that I have a long engagement ahead of me that helps my mental and physical stamina. I start off in the pace that sets up for the entire run. I only crank it up the last two miles of the run. Throughout the run I do like to check in with my body and quicken my stride if I feel like I’ve slowed my pace down.

I ran over 6 miles in 1 hr and 11 minutes through 2 inches of snow today. It was challenging but I was able to find a rhythm and pace that I enjoyed. No matter what the conditions are if you are focused and in control, you can put your mind to anything!

I challenge you to try a long run. See how far your body goes! Start out doing a three mile loop and if you can, do another loop to make it six miles. It will take some time for you to figure out your cruise control but when you do you will be wanting to hit the long runs more often!

Live Well and Run

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