5 Winter Wonderland Festivities

There are five activities I love to do outside that not only gets me moving but makes the winter magical. They are things I loved doing independently or I make them into festivities where I get all my friends together!

Top 5 Festivities

  1. Ice skating
  2. Snow Shoeing
  3. Skiing/ Snowboarding/ Cross Country Skiing
  4. Tubing/ Sledding
  5. Snowmobiling

1. I love going ice skating either on a pond or at an ice rink! My friend Cam has a small pond across from his house. In high school, we use to go over his house and play ice hockey and skate around all evening. His grandparents had a little hut where we would put our skates on and within it was a pellet stove. They would make homemade hot chocolate that we all would sip on after a long night of skating in the cold. It was such an amazing time!

2. Near me is an archaeological site roughly 30 acres and during the winter they open it up for snow shoeing. It is a beautiful area to walk around and you get to see some of the oldest man made construction in the United States. It’s a lot of fun to walk the trails with friends and catch up with them!

3. I LOVE skiing! I have grown up skiing since I was a little girl. We would escape as a family for a weekend and hit the slopes. Some of my best memories were filled with skiing, hot chocolate and board games. There is nothing more fun then being whisked away by the chairlift and get carried up. I get to the top and just see the beautiful overlay of the land. As I descend, I am constantly challenged with the steep slopes and the control of my body. After a long day there is nothing more satisfying then taking off my boots!

4. Tubing/ sledding makes me laugh so hard to the point I question if I had peed myself! No matter if its a small hill or a huge one, I still get the giggles. As I get drag my sled up the hill or my tube gets pulled up by a pulley to the top, I plop myself down and slowly start my way down. As I pick up speed there is no guarantee of a safe slide down theres always something that happens. Either a bump and I go flying or a loose foot that gets caught, I am flying through the air and tumbling the rest of the way. As soon as I stop I take a deep breath and take one moment to make sure everything is intact and burst out laughing. I then can’t get to the top fast enough to get to another round!

5. We are fortunate to have my grandmothers large field to snowmobile in. Growing up we would head to my grandmas after church and have a large brunch with the whole family. We then would get the snowmobiles cranking and with my dad we would ride them all around. Without fail after a long day of riding around with my family my grandma would have the homemade hot chocolate ready with a spoon full of fluff just the way Kristy and I loved it!

I hope you pick a couple of my favorite activities and try them out with your family and friends. Before you know it, you will be making memories that will last a lifetime!

Live Well and Run


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