A Smoothie Summer

Smoothie 3

I stepped up the smoothie game this summer by preparing my ingredients in zip lock baggies and putting them into gallon zip lock freezer bags. I found that I was wasting a lot of time pulling out all the ingredients I wanted and then having to put them all away. It actually started to deter me from even having smoothies because I needed something more quick and on the go. That is when I rethought this whole process. What if I took one day to go to the store pick up all the ingredients I needed and prepared it all and throw them into the freezer? Bam. That is when my wheels started going and I did it the very next day.

Prepping meals have made peoples lives so much easier, not only time wise but health wise. You know everything that in going into your meal and its portioned every time.

I made three types of smoothies:

  • Cherry, Mango, Banana
  • Peach, Raspberry
  • Raspberry, Blueberry, Blackberry

I also included in each bag a scoop of siggis plain yogurt and spinach. You can be creative by adding other ingredients such as kale, chia seeds, flax seeds or matcha!! Each flavor, I have about 10 zip lock bags which will last me for a while and I have enough selection that I’m not getting tired of the flavor. If you do need to switch up the taste a bit, add a flavored yogurt. The simple addition changes everything. I added coconut yogurt to my cherry, mango, banana smoothie and it felt like I was having a toasted coconut colada!!

Smoothie 2

A smoothie now is as simple as pouring the contents into my blender cup and adding almond milk. I add sometimes more siggis or chobani to make it a thicker consistency. But it is delicious every time.

Prep your summer with endless smoothies!!

Live Well and Run

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