I’ve always loved bike riding, just cruising around either heading to the beach or enjoying the summer breeze.  However this summer I’m using it to help with my marathon training. It gives me an edge to my off days. The days I rest from running I’m hitting the road with my bike. It is low impact on my body and after I’m done my legs feel like jelly but not achey. Its the perfect push my body needs to get prepared for 26.2 miles of running.

I have one route that is 14 miles with moderate hills. Last summer I attempted it and about 10 miles in I was toast and swearing to myself that last four. After the summer was over I was able to complete it feeling strong. This summer I am so excited to say that I have master the 14 miles and I can finish it with energy left over. That just means each time I complete it I need to make new PR’s. It is the greatest feeling knowing when you first started your journey, you were on wits end and finishing sometimes crying.

Remember, when you’re body endures a lot of stress and  you can’t imagine ever overcoming the struggle, thats when you find success. Push yourself. As time and hard work works together you start seeing results and doing things you never thought you were able to do. Jump on a bike or get in a walk. It starts somewhere, where will you start?


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