Lovely Walk through London


I was in London for five days and walked nearly a marathon. The city is perfect for your walking shoes. I had three full days of adventuring around, I saw beautiful architecture and was brought back to the past where fortresses once stood and kings and queens once ruled England.

I stayed in the Wombats City Hostal and I was incredibly impressed with everything. It was safe, clean and I loved how my shower was in my room. The hostal is right by the Aldgate East tube stop so it is conveniently placed to hop on and off.



Day One – took the tube to Tower Hill

  • Right when you get out there is the Tower of London dating back to 1078ac you can go on a tour where you see the Crown Jewels and learn about the history of the fortress.
  • Tower Bridge the iconic bridge picture of London that everyone knows
  •  Walked along the water towards HMS Belfast and Shakespeare’s Globe
  • Millennium Bridge was fun to see because it was in Harry Potter Deathly Hallows, Death Eaters blew up the bridge and it was the most expensive CGI effect in the series.
  • Walked to the London Eye where I had purchased tickets online. I walked right up and didn’t have to wait in line! It was a half an hour ride with exceptional views!


Day Two –

  • Watched the Horse Guards Parade where the changing of the guards takes place
  • Took the tube to Kings Cross and had to get a picture infront of Platform 9 3/4 from Harry Potter
  • Hopped back on the tube to Camden Market where I shopped around and tried some delicious food. I LOVED crosstown doughnuts!
  • I didn’t get the chance to but highly suggest from Camden go to The Regents Park it one of the most beautiful Royal Parks and worth a walk threw.
  • Went to St Paul’s Cathedral and took in the magnificent sight.


Day three- the tube to Leiester Square

  • First free strawberry tour we toured the west side. We walked for 2 and a half hours through Trafalgar Square to St James Palace then through St James Park to see the Buckingham Palace. From there we walked to Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and houses of Parliments. Our tour guide shared some history of fellow kings and queens as we took in the grand sights. We ended the tour seeing Churchill War Rooms and 10 downing street where the prime minster lives.
  • Seconds strawberry tour was a free Harry Potter tour to see all the film locations and where JK Rowling found inspiration to write her books. It was two hours long and our tour guide was very knowledgeable which made it magical. We ended at a candy store where we could get our own chocolate frog and Bertie Bott’s Beans.


High moment: meeting Victoria from New Zealand who I shared a lot of my experiences with. Not only did she show me about London but I learned a lot of culture and perspective. She was such a wonderful person to pal around with and I’m so lucky I meet her the first day I arrived.

Low Moment: I got sick. I am just days away from my BIG marathon and I’m feel quite under the weather. It’s unfortunate but that’s what happens when you’re traveling your body isn’t use to the stress and changing conditions. Good thing for emergency C and England sells it here! Hurray!

Overall it was a 9 in my books, an incredible city with a lot of history. Can’t wait to come back and explore the museums!


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