Traveling with a Purpose

Only one week left till the big 26.2 miles and I’m getting prepared mentally and physically.

Today was my last long distance run through my hometown. I ran a half marathon and I can say with confidence I finished feeling strong and motivated to tackle what’s ahead of me!

I’m currently awaiting for my plane to head off to London which is super exciting!! I wanted to get acquainted with the timezone change so I’m arriving in Europe a week before hand. I figured it would be fun to explore a little too! I plan on fitting in another 6 miles and two 3 mile runs while in Europe to get my legs some blood running through it and any last minute lactic acid that has built up.

I also have some exciting adventures after Hungary which will be fun to look forward to after my marathon. I’m currently focusing solely on the run this coming week but after I have two weeks of seeing Italy, Switzerland and France. These next three weeks are huge and I’m so excited to see the personal growth I will be gaining on this trip!

xox live well and run


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