Cooldown in Milan, Italy

After my marathon in Hungary, I went right back into traveling around Europe. My next stop, Milan, Italy. I was swept away with the extravagant architecture such as the massive Gothic Cathedral and the Galleria Vittorio, a high-end shopping center in an ornate 1800’s arcade (if you’re like me and couldn’t picture what that could look like, lay your eyes below).


I treated myself, I mean when in Italy after a marathon right?! I took myself out to Ristorante Galleria, a luxurious restaurant where I not only enjoyed the atmosphere but the service was impeccable and food was divine. When I say I could have licked the plate I mean it. I promised myself that while I was traveling solo that I would not fear being alone while eating out. As I have found out, I got served quicker and they were more attentive towards my needs. This wasn’t everywhere but in fine dining restaurants it was an 8 out of 10 times. As I was sitting there, I was able to take in a lot more rather then if I was to be with someone else. I noticed the beautiful ambience, the notes in my wine and the freshness of the plate as it is dropped in front of me. My awkwardness and unease of how to act dissipated and I started enjoying myself and realizing I’m truly blessed to be in the beautiful country of Italy.


I walked all around the city checking it out. I didn’t have specific plans or set itinerary so what I came across was incredible and surprising. The first thing I encountered was the Sforza Castle a Medieval-Renaissance fortress where I stumbled across Michelangelo’s last sculpture. It is called the Rondanini Pieta, an elongated marble composition of Mary holding Jesus. I sat there for a couple of moments taking in the view. Thinking about how this one man produced copious amounts of outstanding artwork, sculptures and architecture throughout his career. Here I was looking at the end of a long lifetime of work that will never be the same. Pretty incredible. Then I went to the historical museum inside the fortress and through the park to see the city gate, Porta Sempione.


My time in Milan was a cooldown from the physical demand and mental stress of a marathon. Months of planning and training for the special occasion happened in a span of 5 hours just days before Milan. It was all sinking in, making the Europe trip all the more important to me. Now I can sit back and enjoy the ride for the next couple of cities I visit.


Xox, Live well and run

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