Off the Beaten Path

The impromptu trip to Lake Como turned out to be one of the most beautiful and thrilling parts of my European trip. I had an idea of going but did not plan or organize the trip to get there and what to do once I was there. That was where the fun kicked in.

I woke up in the morning, and as I was eating breakfast, I knew I had one goal in mind and that was to explore the lakes of Italy. I headed to the central train station in Milan, Italy and found the next train leaving for the Como San Giovanni train stop, a 5 min walk from Lake Como. There was a train leaving in a half an hour and many others around the clock. Perfect! I waited for the platform to be announced and headed over at once. I got on the train with my camera by my side and waited patiently to start my adventure.

Once I got to Lake Como, I looked into buses to take me more into the center of the lake. There was a bus headed to Bellagio, so I hopped on and let it whisk me away. I was apprehensive at first because I was unsure how far away I was headed in the lakes region but I knew it was still early in the day. I wanted to enjoy the experience so I faced out the window getting ready for the beautiful views.

The views a long the winding road through the foothills of the alps and lake below were breathtaking. I could not get enough. Each corner the bus wrapped around I thought it could not get any more beautiful and before I knew it, it did. I rode for an hour or so to the town of Bellagio.


Once off the bus, I walked into the village and was dropped in another world. There were exquisite villas along the mountainside and stone streets leading up towards a variety of shops. I got a gelato as I walked through the streets taking it all in and had to stop in a beautiful shop between a quaint alleyway and got myself a pair of moonstone earrings. I spent about an hour and a half exploring and looked into getting back. I found a river boat leaving soon so I purchased a ticket and sat by the water watching birds splash in the water.


The river boat was exciting seeing Lake Como from a different perspective. I loved being able to see both sides of the lake and the different charming villages a long it such as Lenno and Laglio. I did not have enough time to get off and explore them but it was a pleasure to be able to see them up close. The river boat was an hour long and took us back into Como. I explored a little while in Como and admired the little town. I didn’t take too much time within town because I wanted to figure out how to get back to Milan.


As the train pulled up, I drew in a big breath and admired the adventure I just went on. I could not believe that in one day I was able to see such wonder and beauty from such spontaneity. It was my favorite adventure of the whole European trip because I was able to set off on a quest of the unknown and figure out how to navigate it and at the end everything worked out flawlessly and perfect.


xox Live Well and Run


One thought on “Off the Beaten Path

  1. Your photos are so beautiful! I definitely agree- the view is incredible. I also did a post on Lake Como over on my blog, feel free to check it out if you would like! 🙂


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