Walking through the Louvre

Musee du louvre is an intrinsically beautiful palace built in 1190 to protect again Viking raids. Now housing over 380,000 collectables, it is the world’s largest museum. Standing before it, I received a deep sense of understanding how this structure not only once protected Paris of its valuables, but now holds the most precious and historical pieces of work in the world! It was an incredible experience walking around and through the Louvre, just taking everything in. It essentially is impossible to see everything within a day but I had made the most of it. The galleries are divided into sections. You ready? The sections are Near Eastern, Egyptian, Greek, Italic, Etruscan and Roman Antiquities, Islamic Art, Sculptures (France, Europe), Decorative Arts (Europe), Paintings (France, Northern Europe, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, United States) Prints, Engravings and Drawings and Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas. It is quite the extensive  collection and I heard that if you walk through each gallery you’d walk over a half marathon!

I had purchased a little hand Audio Guide on a Nintendo 3DS ™ XL. I put in the headphones and started walking around. It tracked my location and when an item selected by an museum expert came along, it popped up with informative commentary. It was a lot of fun picking out the different artworks and hearing about the history and artist who created it. It made my whole experience enjoyable and I wasn’t just aimlessly walking through, it felt as though I had control and direction. Definitely recommend it if you are by yourself and do not know a lot about museums and the artwork within it. I only wish it tracked my steps because by the end of it I was exhausted!

The Louvre was outstanding and I only hope that you get the opportunity to see the beauty that lies within. Look for the individuals who replicate the artwork. The attention to detail and patience they have is incredible. It only gives you a glimpse of the original painters masterpiece must have looked like once. (In the picture below) The painting the man was replicating is called “The Battle of San Romano” originally painted by Paolo Uccello created 1438-40.



Xox Live Well and Run (or walk around museums)

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