Running with Emotion

Do you ever wake up at 5:40am and realize sleeping is not an option.

Today was one of those days. I woke up knowing that I had a long run ahead of me. I have not given myself time to reflect and be honest with my internal struggles. I have been bottling them up and not allowing myself to process them. Then all of the sudden they come pouring out regardless who is around. These emotions can reek havoc on you life, such as causing your to drink too much, say too much, or do too much that not only damages yourself but the relationships around you.

That is what bottling up your emotions can do…

It is really easy to brush aside your true thoughts and emotions. I mean we all do it at certain times. We don’t take the personal time to really sit back and say… am I okay? Life gets to be really busy and finding simple ways to ease your mind, spiritually and emotionally will help you with your personal life, and your relationships with others.

Some simply ways to gain back control…


Many of my friends are into yoga. Me, not always being one of them… It was hard to start when I thought it was solely focusing on breathing and positioning while trying hard to not fall asleep. I learned the key was to truly focus on your inner self. To pull from your inside energy and reflect it outward. My friend explained to me its like reaching for the ball of light in your core as you pull positive energy from it, let it gradually get bigger till it fills the room. That imagination and sourcing for positive energy and light will bring high vibrations into your life. Also learned being constantly grateful for everything in life. From the rug underneath your feet, the clothes on your body, food in your fridge and that you are breathing and living in this big beautiful world. It is very powerful and the world returns and thanks you back.

Finding a hobby.

I found it in running. When I first started running it was hard to really sit back and think. It was a constant struggle for breathing and continuing the run without walking. As I’ve become a stronger longer distance runner who trains a lot, I am able to slow down my pace and think about everything in my life. I have no control in that moment to be distracted by my actions because they are one constant motion. My emotions and feelings come pouring in and I’m confronted with what has been in the back of my mind. I’ve cried in the middle of my runs because I have been holding back and needed to let go. My longest runs have been provided to be the most healing experiences. I have not only physically exhausted myself but emotionally too. I come back with a clear mind. The important thing I do before the run is over is I make sure I have objectives. I can grow from what I learned on the run and reflect it into a healthier day. If it was something I was lacking then fill it by making time. I know once the run is over, I need to have intentions to move forward. The momentum was brought through running and now I am applying it in my life each and very day.

Taking action is one of the most fundamental parts of moving forward but sometimes we just don’t know how to. The how to: finding out what is wrong and replacing it with something that brings joy and happiness.

Reading – Knowledge is power.

Reading is so important. There are so many factors that come into play when you sink into a book such as helping with your intelligence, focus and concentration, communication and memory. But what it does for me, it is takes me away. I am able to look into others lives by living through the book. In return it allows me to be grateful for the life I’m living and know that every individual has their own battles. Some have it worse than others but to take someone else’s life for a few hours becomes deeply moving. I am currently reading “The Space Between Us” by Thrity Umrigar and it tells a story between two women in Bombay. The novel shares two stories of interwoven lives of two strong women, who are compassionate and empathetic but live drastically different lives. Escaping into a book not only gives me a new perspective but lets me live another life for a little while.


Writing clears my thoughts, putting it in writing and seeing what I feel expressed in front of me gives it weight. Each word carries with it the burden thats been weighing in on my heart. I have been journaling at my weakest points and when I spill my feelings all over the page I can read through it and clear my mind. We all want to be heard and whether its read or not, its out there in the universe now and you, yourself may release it.

Talking to Dear Friends.

They know you best. They want to you heal and move forward. A friend will listen and give advice but understand that it takes time for you to process it. They know you inside and out, they may not always know how you are feeling but you give them that one look and they are already are taking measures to make you feel happy again. Lean on them and ask for their help, but always know its you and yourself only who can internally help you move forward. Your friends are your crutch, your body and mind does the healing.

Seek your personal legend. 

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. It is a book which everyone and anyone should read. It focuses on life’s spiritual purpose. “It’s a spiritual calling that awakens a deep desire and passion to live with a sense of purpose for something greater than yourself.” We all are seeking for what we were put on this earth to do and finding it isn’t always easy. It an internal struggle to figure out what brings us happiness. Once found life transforms into living each and every day grateful and full of beauty.


There are many ways to find peace and calmness in the chaos of each and everyday. Try one of these approaches to really let each day sink in and become a day worth living. Time just continues to pass and up to you to grab each second.


Xox Live Well and Run





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