Ancient Gods Never Sleep

Every trip to Europe, the last few hours on the plane are an endless inching and squirming in the seat.  You know you are almost there. You can stick it out a few more hours because you have been waiting for months leading up to the trip.

I had originally planned 5 to 6 months in advance to go to Greece, so a measly couple more hours on the plane won’t kill me.

It did!

You never really take into account how you do not sleep well on the plane. We left around 4pm Boston to arrive in Greece the next day at 9am. We had a full day ahead of us and already started with a little sleep deprivation. But we were in Athens, Greece! There was to be no time wasted so we set off to go see the sights.

We did not have a direction so we started walking. The first move was to get breakfast. My boyfriend had never had a crepe so we found a delightful little Coffee Bar on Drakou. It was splendid to start our tour off with some classic Greek breakfast crepes with yogurt and honey. We left and headed to the Monument of Philopappas which took us through a local market and then a hike to the top of a large hill. There you could see all of Athens and a wonderful view of the Acropolis. In the distance you can see the beautiful water with the sun shining off of it. As we explored through the park we made our way to the Ancient Agora of Athens. Where the heart of the city once was thousands of years ago. People would travel all around the world to the ancient marketplace, it was hard to imagine the grandeur of these buildings that once stood in the ruins.

After walking the sights we headed towards Plaka, a cute cobblestone neighborhood filled with stores and restaurants. We poked our heads in windows and looked at all the people rushing around. There were so many options for food that we decided to just take up one of the waiters offers to sit at their restaurant. Just like that, we were handed menus and already ordering lamb and chicken gyros. We devoured it. It was a classic gyro plate with so much meat. Safe to say, we were full and very satisfied.

We headed back to our gorgeous hotel, InterContinental   where we eagerly got dressed to go out on our first date in Greece. We headed next door to the Grand Hyatt roof top bar for dinner. It was exquisite with the roof top pool, perfect view capturing the sunset and incredible food and drinks. We were in our element. We enjoyed our time there before we headed back to our rooftop bar for a bottle of wine and a picturesque view of the Acropolis. We sat down and what was meant to be only a little night cap, turned into an evening where talking and drinking whisked us away. It was one of the most beautiful nights where time was not a concept because we were in each others company, not even sleep had stood in our way. As the people cleared out we took our cue and headed back to the room.

The first day in Athens had been one of the most memorable, but yet we still had so many to go. That night we had slept for 12 hours…  and every hour was well deserved.


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