Domino Effect

My friends and family ask me, “why did I choose my second marathon in Athens, Greece? Of all places, cant you just run in the US or at least somewhere closer.”

Yes I could. There are plenty of marathons where I can be in the comfort of my own home. I am in the US where all year around I could do marathons close by if I wanted to.

But why would I? There are marathons all around the world and I thought if I were to do another marathon why not do the authentic marathon. Where the Athenian messenger Phiedippides ran 42,195m from the Marathon battlefield to Athens bringing the news of victory over the Persians 2,500 years ago. The runners finish in the iconic Panathenaic Stadium where the modern Olympics Games had begun. Then to reward myself after the race I had dreamed to travel and explore the Greek islands while tasting some of the best food and wine in the world.

I only needed to do one thing to make all of these dreams come true. I registered for the 2018 Athens, Greece marathon.

From there, everything started to fall into place. The next step was purchasing airplane tickets. I frequently checked Google Flights watching the price rise and drop. One day I had looked into the price and saw that it dropped $200 dollars. I immediately texted my boyfriend and told him we had to book our tickets. I got back from work and not only did he get the tickets but he also booked the 5 star luxury hotel, InterContinental in Athens. We decided on our time and location that Santorini would be the next destination after my marathon. An island off the coast where it is best known as a honeymoon spot because it is extremely romantic and the sunsets are to die for.  After a lot of time thinking where the best place to stay on the island would be we locked down La Maltese in Oia, a 3 star hotel with luxury suites.

With the great help of my boyfriend we had everything planned out and now we needed time to pass before we set out on our adventure to fly across the world, run 26.2 miles and see the beauties of the world.





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