Diamond Suite

The La Maltese Diamond Suite Outdoor Hot Tub Caldera View is the room we walked into with our mouths wide open and luggage already brought into the room waiting for us, we were astonished! While we were out all day our hotel upgraded our room for our last evening. As we walked in, there was a canopy bed that was simply elegant and the bathroom was as large as the room itself. There was an upstairs with another king sized bed and full bath. I jumped on the bed doing the classic sprawl with my arms wideout over my head and my legs dangling off the side of the bed. Looking up to the ceiling I wondering how in the world did we get so lucky?

As the sun was drift down on the horizon we turned up the temperature of the jacuzzi and put our bathing suits on. Kevin pulled out his Cuban cigar, I pour some wine and we crawled into the jacuzzi to watch the gorgeous sunset with the most sensational view. Taking in the moment, we cheers to an incredible vacation together; completing a marathon, seeing the history of Athens and exploring Santorini. As I drank in the Greek wine watching the sun disappear I reflected and thought of how blessed I am for having such an amazing partner to join on my adventure, what an amazing accomplishment I achieved for myself and knowing we created memories that will last a lifetime.

After the sun went behind the clouds and the evening darkened, we called on our friends to join us in our beautiful room so we can cheers to meeting them and to end the night with bang!



Live Well and Run xox

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