Nantucket Daffodil Festival 2019

There is nothing more fun to kick off the season on Nantucket than the Daffodil Festival. It is where the island celebrates the signature bloom of the bright and yellow daffodils all over the island. The chamber of commerce hosted the 44th annual festival with an old fashion car show with a parade that rides from town all the way to the cute and signature part of the island, Siasconset as the main event. The small quaint village known for the adorable little fishing houses along small narrow roads has a small country market, post office and a couple small shops. Then a lovely walk that leads you to the bluffs giving away to the Atlantic Ocean. This part of the island completely makes you feel like you are in another world.

On “Daffy,” there are tons of activities that happen in town for families and children to enjoy that enhances the whimsical celebration. There are contests with the best shop windows, ribbons for the best vintage cars, and little games for children. After the morning in town they drive into Sconset where everyone sets up a table with drinks and food to be enjoyed on the beautiful sunny spring leading into summer day!

The highlight in my opinion is the beautiful flowered hats that everyone wears and the unique and bold yellow outfits. It just adds to the whole day! After, I headed to Cisco Brewery to enjoy the rest of the evening of the first day everyone comes back to the island after a quiet winter.




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