Pink Streets and Carb Overload!

Taking in the last bit of Porto, we packed our bags and said our goodbyes. We were headed back to Lisbon for our last adventure before we headed back home. As we arrived off the train at the Lisbon train station I looked around me and knew we had to take in the last bit of our trip. Really make a bang!

We checked into the InterContinental, where they remembered us from a few days ago and got us right into our room. It was nice to be remembered especially when there are hundreds of people coming and going each and every day. As soon as we dropped our things we set out to see Lisbon for our final day. We set out to the Christmas market, located just a short distance from the hotel. As we walked through the market taking in all the different stands. I went for my favorite Christmas market goodie, a shot glass made out of chocolate filled with Portuguese Ginja. It is a delicious cherry liquor that just melts in our mouth. We walked around trying homemade hot wine and got a classic bifana. As I sank my teeth into the huge bread roll it was crunchy and crispy on the outside and the sauteed strips of pork made the inside melt with the flavors of garlic, spices and white wine. It was a little difficult to eat because the size of the sandwich was as large as my head. I finished half and could not finish the rest. As we strolled along we walked from the Christmas market to downtown. We went into the sardine store which felt like an amusement park inside. It had sardines all around with different other type of canned foods such as octopus, salmon and olives. It was a sight to see and experience. Sardines were on carousals and ferris wheels. We did not purchase any but it was worth going into the little world of sardines. From there we went all around checking out different parts of the town which we had not seen yet. We were going up and down large hills, down massive amount of stairs and seeing all the gorgeous architecture, colorful tiles, and lovely character of the city. We stumbled upon bubble ice cream which Kevin’s mother told us to try. We ordered it and it was fun! It was a bubbled waffle with soft serve ice cream topped off with caramel, brownie bites and sprinkles. It was tasty, and I was glad I split it with Kevin because it was sweet!

Around the corner was Time Out Market which we had visited the first day in Lisbon so it brought our trip full circle. We stopped at Olho-Bacalhau and got three of their cod cakes to split which are called pastéis de bacalhau. The first was classic and the other two were made with peppers and the other with olives. They were the perfect savory snack for the sweet treat we had just had prior. As we made our way out, I wanted to see one more thing before we left and it was Pink Street. As we were looking up where in the city would this short but significant street be, we literally saw we were right around the corner! I almost started running because I was so excited. We got to the street and it was amazing. I have never seen anything quite like it. It was gorgeous with how vibrant the pink contrasted with the buildings around it. We took in the last spot I had wanted to see and headed back to the hotel. As we made our way back up the hill and all the lights were turning on as the evening started get dark. It was a sight to see! Kevin stomach was hungry enough so we stopped at Beira Gare for two beers and another bifana. There he had the best bifana hands down.

Getting dressed up for our last dinner many thoughts were going through my head. I was excited that we were to go to our last dinner in Lisbon but also sad that it was our last dinner. It is all too much when you realize that our final evening is here and what I do will be the last thing that marks my presence. When I go home, everything I have done will be of the past. I snapped out of my day dream when Kevin poked his head in the bathroom and asked if I was almost ready. I looked up and with one eye with mascara, responded one more minute. As I was applying the last eye with mascara the thought slipped back into my mind. Tonight is our last night, what are you doing to do to remember it?

We had not looked up anywhere to go but decided to meander the streets. As we walked through the rotating doors of the hotel we asked the bellman where we should eat. As he pointed in a direction that took us the backroads we headed into a little neighborhood. Tucked under Kevins arm we strolled along enjoying the evening. As soon as we started walking further and further the less unsure we were to where the gentleman told us to go eat. With our stomachs growling we saw there was a crowd outside of Forno D’Oro Restaurante Italiano and where theres a crowd there is good food. We walked by slowly and passed it, went a block further and both decided that we could walk endlessly trying to find a place we forgot the name of or choose to try out this place. We walked in putting in our name and ten minutes later we walked to our seat. We were in the corner where I could look out and see everyone surrounding me. Their food looked delicious! I was so excited to sink my teeth into a pizza myself. We got a bottle of wine and enjoyed the atmosphere. The place was buzzing with people. There were group of friends, couples and a few families with their children. It had such a positive energy. We put in our order which was two pizzas, mine with prosciutto and mushrooms while Kevin’s was pepperoni then a pasta to complete the carb overload. As the pizza was placed in front of me my mouth watered. It smelt heavenly and it tasted out of this world. Each bite was a mixture of salty and sweet with a perfect balance of acidity. I ate an entire pizza to myself! As the large round plates were removed and the pasta was placed in front of us. I could not partake. I was filled to the brim from my pizza and Kevin was also. Even though he took a few bites he could not finish the pasta. We wrapped it up to go. As we finished the last sips of wine. We decided to head back to our hotel bar for a last glass of wine to toast to the night. As we sat there sipping the glass of wine, cozied up on the couch the night ended not with a bang but a peaceful and relaxing feeling. We were able to explore all day and finish it with the perfect restaurant that we happened to stumbled by. Now all we needed to get was a good nights sleep for our long travel home the next day.

Live Well and Run xox



One bite everyone knows the rules.

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