(Wo)Men’s Best Friend


They are the cutest things God has given us other than babies. I always refer back to “it’s SO fluffy” from Despicable Me when I see a dog cross my path. Luck me, I live with this fluffy guy named Brutus. He is an Alaskan malamute owned by my sister, Kristy.

There is nothing better than when I wake up and he jumps on my bed and gives me a huge kiss. Kristy and my routine in the mornings have been getting our fill with coffee, eating scrambled eggs and then heading to the trails all together. It is incredibly entertaining and fun running with Kristy and Brutus. Just the other day we were on a run and Brutus out of no where jumped two feet into the air. I thought Kristy was going to kill him because he wanted to go after a squirrel and she doesn’t believe that he should hurt or kill small critters. He does it out of play but man the reaction of the two in a split second was priceless. Or every time he sees a dog who is just as excited to see him he gets onto his hind legs and cries. It is the most amazing thing to see how vocal he can be for being such a quiet dog at home. Another great thing is not only do Kristy and I get to talk and catch up but Brutus gets a great exercise. When he gets home, Brutus is passed out until his daddy Mack, my sisters husband, comes home and he’s back to being a crazy maniac!

We go for runs with him but what Brutus loves most is to hike! A great resource to use to see if your dog is allowed on the trails near you is trails.com. You go into the hiking trails section, select your state and under the google map they have an asterisk saying “Hikes with Dogs” and click into that. Then there you go, you got yourself some epic mountains to climb with your pup!

We always make sure we have three things on us at all times:

  1. A water bottle designated specifically for Brutus
  2. A bag full of kibble
  3. A roll of doggy bags

All three are important but you need to be considerate for others on the trail and pick up after your dog. Please, it may seem gross but hold on to the bag and properly dispose of it in a trash bin. I don’t know if it is just me but there is nothing more aggravating then seeing a plastic bag of poop on the side of the trail or road. Not only was it pointless because it won’t biodegrade naturally but now it will sit in that bag forever and no one will dare touch it. And why should they?  Please be nice and pick up after your dog. Rant over.

What is really important is always be aware of your dog’s condition. Brutus is a strong 1 year old puppy who is a bundle of energy! We know that he can handle a couple of hours of running or hiking but he has a thick coat so in the summer weather we know to not push too hard incase of heat exhaustion and/or dehydration. Depending on a number of factors just be cautious and no matter what have fun with him! Your dog is your best friend and there is nothing better than sharing experiences with them.

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