Around the Bend

Wouldn’t it be so much easier in life if you could see around the bend. See what was awaiting for you or just catch a quick glimpse long enough to know everything will be okay and you don’t have to worry. 

Everyone has different bends in their life and not every bend will be the same. I, for starters, have no idea what lies ahead of me right now. I currently moved back home and I am looking for a career that I can enjoy for the next couple of years to a lifetime. I have a long distance relationship and no money. Throughout all these bends, I find that it is important to have something that I can keep my mind focused and on track. Something I do while I’m along for the ride, that’s consistent and brings me enjoyment.

Running is mine, today I definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Nothing could get me in a better mood not even my morning coffee. After a fight with my sister and bitter frustration, I left the house and headed for a trail run. After two miles, my mind was cleared and I was able to get over the hurdle of feeling bad for myself. The last two miles I thought about how I can positively impact my future and how to get around my bend. I thought of different jobs to apply to and how I am going to set forth in doing so. Even though I don’t have everything figured out I was able to get over todays bend and help be productive in getting around the larger bend of finding a career.

I challenge you to find that hobby that you can get into and enjoy. Whether it is running, biking or hiking, I hope it brightens up your day and propels you into forward thinking. Because no matter what you are the one who determines your future.


(Pictures from Letchworth State Park, NY)

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