Catching Up

Have you wondered how your old friend has been? Maybe its been 5 years, or even 10 years since you last seen or even heard from them. You have thought of them here and there but never made the conscience effort of reaching out and shooting them a text or phone call. Well I challenge you to do that. Take a simple minute right now to send that friend who has been put to the back burner multiple times and put them in the forefront.

Yesterday my sister, Kristy finally did that. She texted her friend from high school, who she had not seen in over four of years. They use to play soccer together and would get together after and practice their skills, improving together. It was a bond that was built in high school but didn’t last over the years of college until now. She simply reached out and before you knew it they got together and caught up.

Yesterday we all went hiking up Mt. Major. It was so thrilling to hear her own adventures through the past couple of years. Not only has she seen and lived all around the United States but she loves the outdoors and is doing it as a career. It was fascinating to hear her recent jobs such as teaching children who have behavioral problems about the outdoors. Then to hear about her adventures such as hiking from Vermont to Massachusetts. There was so much to catch up with and it was exciting to hear where she is with her life and what she looks forward to doing.

It not only did it made the hike seem like it went by extremely fast but we got a great exercise! I hope you connect with your friend who you haven’t talked to in awhile and experience nature while your doing it.




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