Warm up, Stretch and GO!


We’re starting to get the winter chill and it’s so tempting not to step outside. But that is when I encourage you to go! Bundle up and explore the winter wonderland. 

We had our first snow fall! It was only a half of an inch or so but it was a beautiful blanket of snow. There was nothing more exciting then seeing the bare trees covered. It only lasted half the day because the sun melted it by noon but it was what I needed for my morning run.

As the weather gets colder it is really important to warm up and stretch. I always make sure I follow the five simple steps:

  1. Warmup Mile: Get your body warmed and muscles loosen up
  2. Dynamic Stretching: Stretch with continuous movement, keeping your body warm and helping your muscles gain the flexibility it needs for the run ahead
  3. Fun Run: Take it easy starting off and then bump up the speed till you fall into pace. Some days are faster than others, take advantage of it and GO!
  4. Finish Strong: Not only physically release all your energy but mentally leave nothing behind. I either find it in myself the last mile I kick it in or the last few yards but no matter what, there is no better feeling than when I finish strong!
  5. Cool down: After the hard finish, walk around and bring your heartbeat back to rest. Move into static stretching, it is important to stretch before and after so you decrease the chance of injury.

Don’t let the cold, windy and snowy weather deter you! Once you get your feet moving and your body going, you will appreciate the change in weather and there will be a positive change in you. Go for it and run!


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