Switch Up Direction


There is a small country road that I drive by every once in a while. As I drive along, there is a trail head that I pass with always two or three cars parked. I am always curious to know what lies beyond the sign but do you think I ever stop to really investigate. NEVER.

Until today.

I have a usual route that I love taking my sister’s dog, Brutus on and something possessed me to put on my blinker and switch up direction. I honestly don’t know how it popped in my head but as I was turning I knew exactly where I was going. I was going to explore a new trail!

As soon as we pulled in there were two puppies getting out of the car and ascending onto the trail. Brutus could not contain himself and practically dragged me to the beginning and we immediately started running. I had nowhere to be and no time limit, so I had all intentions of getting lost! As we ran it was amazing to see all the different terrains we were encountering. We would be running through a grassy meadow into a swamp, up a hill and down a rock path crossing bridges and logs. Every corner we took Brutus would get a burst of energy and for a couple of yards we would sprint and come back down to a jog. I could tell it wasn’t only fun for me but Brutus too! By the time we were done the run we both were spent and we had run for almost an hour. The time had flown by! Brutus and I were taking in the new adventure and loving every second of it.

I want you to go to that place you have yet to explore, switch up from what you are use to and get lost. You will be pleasantly surprised that there are hidden gems in the every day places you pass by and say “I wonder what is there?” Then before you know it you’re hooked on a new path that you had never knew existed!


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