The Moment of Serenity


There is nothing more peaceful than the hour in the morning where you can sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee with the delicious breakfast you just had made. It is a rare moment that does not always happen between the chaos of everyday living. But when you find the break and feel the sunshine beam in through your windows, that is the moment of serenity you hold on to.

And I was lucky enough to have that moment today. 

I woke up and the house was peaceful as I went downstairs. I had roughly an hour before I was headed to my sister’s wisdom teeth extraction. I headed first to the coffee maker to put a pot on and then started whipping up the eggs. I cut all the veggies and threw them on the stove. Everything was going flawless, one of those mornings when the timing just came together. After the english muffin popped out of the toaster and a dab of butter, my whole breakfast was really to devour. Of course I had to take a picture because a meal this good looking couldn’t escape my lens but not a moment later, I was digging in and enjoying every bite!

I think it is so important not only to get a balance breakfast but something that will fuel you for the day. I find myself getting into the habit of running out the door with a protein bar and banana then by lunch I’m starving and cranky. On those days if I only woke up 20 minutes before I would have had the time to cook myself a hardy breakfast and probably increase my happiness and productivity for the day. When I do find myself getting into the habit I focus the night before how I can plan my morning so I will have time to prepare a meal and enjoy it.

I encourage you to take the time in the morning to sit down and enjoy a breakfast. Find the 20 minutes that not only starts your day out right but gives you the essential nutrients to keep you going all day!

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