Fresh New Start

The beginning of the year you always have the relieving feeling of a fresh start. I can look back and say I accomplished a lot is this past year such as:

  • Gained back control over my health
  • Ran two half marathons (Smuttynose and Nantucket)
  • Educated myself on eating healthy
  • Learned to say NO
  • Learned to be selfish when needed to be
  • Fell in love because I was able to love myself first

Now I am ready to move forward to bigger and better things. I’m all about starting new goals for 2017 and what I want this year to look like!

My goals for 2017 are:

  • Run the Budapest Marathon on October 15!!!!
  • Focus on a healthy lifestyle filled with veggies and fitness
  • I want to love my career
  • Start scratching off New Hampshires 48 4,000 footer mountains
  • Continue to seek new adventure around the world

What I find most important are monthly goals

I believe it’s great to set yearly goals but what will benefit you the most this year is if you set monthly goals. If you give yourself the beginning of the month to set about three to five goals and focus on them all month long then you have more of the capability of achieving them. Each month you can change the goals and focus on a new aspect you want to better in your life.

My goals for January:

  • Loose 5 pounds
  • Be able to do 10 push ups, 5 pull ups and get up to 8 miles
  • No more sugar especially chocolate (a great alternative frozen dark cherries)
  • Focus on Live Well and Run Instagram

You are capable of anything you put your mind to. Remember keep the list short because you want to be able to give each goal your full attention. If it is split too much nothing will get done. Have fun with it, maybe even laminate it! Keep the list by your bed, on the bathroom mirror, a reminder on your phone or in your car. The more you see it and believe it, the greater the chances are that you will achieve it!

I believe in you, now all you have to do is believe in yourself!

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