Final Count Down

Less than a month I will be accomplishing one of my life goals, running a marathon! Not only am I running 26.2 miles but I’m going to Budapest, Hungary. I studied abroad there four years ago and now it is my time to make a reappearance. I am working out the final details of my european trip as we speak. It is so exciting and thrilling to see everything coming together and finishing up the details. I can’t believe that my marathon is right around the corner. Now it is crunch time!

Some things I’ve been doing to prepare myself for the race

  • Equipped myself with nutrients before, during and after my runIMG_4234

I had purchased off amazon a hydration belt to carry my water, Nuun tablets for electrolytes and caffeine, GU roctane packets and CLIFF blocs for quick energy during my runs. Then VEGA ONE for protein and replenishment.

  • Making sure I’m on a running schedule where I feel comfortable. I have been following On sone days I go rouge and do my own thing. Always listen to your body but get a training schedule that will help guide you and keep you in check. Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 9.46.26 AM


  • Making travel plans. The first thing I purchased was my marathon bib, and that was my first real step of making this all come true. From there, I bought my airplane tickets. I was continuously checking Google Flights for affordable flights to get to Europe. I found a ticket to London for under $300, CRAZY AFFORDABLE! I will be doing a four day layover there then head into Budapest.  I am purchasing the hostels and hotels now in which I will be staying. I’ve been using for my research and will purchase them through the website.  There are a lot of planning going into this adventure but in the end it will be all worth it!


Budapest holds such a special place in my heart and I cannot wait to go back to the place I once called home. The final count down starts now!!


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