Frolicking on the Beach


It is one of those nights I have realized I have worked far too much and have lived only a little.

Taking in the sunset is one of my favorite summer moments where everything whines down and you reflect on the day and moment in time. You look around and see who you are surrounded by and thank God that you have special people in your life.

I had the evening off and spent it with my friends. We started the afternoon at Cisco Brewers. There was a live band playing and I was surrounded by everyone who I have not seen in a while. Standing and looking around me, I had an epiphany and in that moment the energy of everyone around me was lifting my spirits that I had not realized was very low. I was connecting to everyone’s waves whether they knew it or not and vibrating at their higher frequency. It is not something I subconsciously do often but it comes more of a self awareness moment in time where I realize that my happiness has not been where it is normally. I was quickly brought back to time when my friend Amy asked if I wanted to get another drink. From there we both whisked off to see the sunset at Cisco beach. We didn’t sit down and enjoy it like I usually do. We frolicked through the waves and giggled uncontrollably. It was a sunset where all my worries and negativity washed away with the waves crashing on the shore.

This summer has flown by. It is as if I blinked and everyone is telling me Fall is here. I welcome it with open arms knowing even though the precious moments may have been few and far in between at times. I had an absolutely amazing summer on Nantucket doing things that fulfilled my happiness and most importantly surrounded by the people I love.

When the sun sets, I will always have a sunrise to look forward to.


Live Well and Run

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