Diamond Suite

The La Maltese Diamond Suite Outdoor Hot Tub Caldera View is the room we walked into with our mouths wide open and luggage already brought into the room waiting for us, we were astonished! While we were out all day our hotel upgraded our room for our last evening. As we walked in, there was … More Diamond Suite

Getting Chills

The alarm went off and I rolled over, “are we really doing this?” “Yupp,” replied my boyfriend in a sleepy voice. We got ourselves out of bed and threw on some slippers. We headed outside and walked up to the top of our balcony. Nope, not yet. The wind was whipping and I was chilly.  … More Getting Chills

Domino Effect

My friends and family ask me, “why did I choose my second marathon in Athens, Greece? Of all places, cant you just run in the US or at least somewhere closer.” Yes I could. There are plenty of marathons where I can be in the comfort of my own home. I am in the US … More Domino Effect