First Marathon!

Planning to run a marathon takes time and heart. I gave myself three months to prepare for the 26.2 miles ahead of me. (I was starting with a baseline of 6 miles) It wasn’t the most glorious training. I often fell short of my running schedule and tried to make up for it in other … More First Marathon!

Final Count Down

Less than a month I will be accomplishing one of my life goals, running a marathon! Not only am I running 26.2 miles but I’m going to Budapest, Hungary. I studied abroad there four years ago and now it is my time to make a reappearance. I am working out the final details of my … More Final Count Down


I’ve always loved bike riding, just cruising around either heading to the beach or enjoying the summer breeze.  However this summer I’m using it to help with my marathon training. It gives me an edge to my off days. The days I rest from running I’m hitting the road with my bike. It is low … More Cruising

A Smoothie Summer

I stepped up the smoothie game this summer by preparing my ingredients in zip lock baggies and putting them into gallon zip lock freezer bags. I found that I was wasting a lot of time pulling out all the ingredients I wanted and then having to put them all away. It actually started to deter … More A Smoothie Summer