Around the Bend

  Wouldn’t it be so much easier in life if you could see around the bend. See what was awaiting for you or just catch a quick glimpse long enough to know everything will be okay and you don’t have to worry.  Everyone has different bends in their life and not every bend will be … More Around the Bend

Into the Fog

I know it’s not only me, but when it is raining or overcast I envision pulling the sheets right over my head and never getting out of bed. Holding a cup of lemon ginger tea and snuggled behind my favorite book. Or most often, never stepping foot outside. Well on those days where the fantasies … More Into the Fog

Finding Trails

It is as simple as typing into google “running trails near me” and then BAM you’re hit with trails you never knew existed. Growing up and running track was a great introduction to the trails in my local community. I became well acquainted with all the trails near my high school but as I got … More Finding Trails