I’ve always loved bike riding, just cruising around either heading to the beach or enjoying the summer breeze.  However this summer I’m using it to help with my marathon training. It gives me an edge to my off days. The days I rest from running I’m hitting the road with my bike. It is low … More Cruising

A Smoothie Summer

I stepped up the smoothie game this summer by preparing my ingredients in zip lock baggies and putting them into gallon zip lock freezer bags. I found that I was wasting a lot of time pulling out all the ingredients I wanted and then having to put them all away. It actually started to deter … More A Smoothie Summer

Fresh New Start

The beginning of the year you always have the relieving feeling of a fresh start. I can look back and say I accomplished a lot is this past year such as: Gained back control over my health Ran two half marathons (Smuttynose and Nantucket) Educated myself on eating healthy Learned to say NO Learned to be … More Fresh New Start

The Road Not Taken

As I woke up the ground was covered with a blanket of white snow. The snowflakes were dropping ever so slightly that created a whimsical sense of the holidays to come. I was eager to get outside and capture the beauty of this morning. After a warm cup of coffee, I headed out to Robert Frost Farm. … More The Road Not Taken

December Challenge

It is the first of December and magic is in the air. Christmas is shortly around the corner and we all are recovering from indulging during Thanksgiving. It only takes a couple of days to feel you have gotten derailed and all the progress you have made has been thrown out the window. I know that … More December Challenge